Dear Parents/Caregivers,

As a school we place high importance on reading and developing reading skills by encouraging all children to borrow each week from the library. ​

All library borrowing is now on Thursdays.  To be able to borrow, students must return all books borrowed previously including Home Readers and Lexile books, and have a library bag - preferably waterproof.

Each student is allowed to borrow up to 4 books per week depending on their year level.  The number of books able to be borrowed will be reduced by the number of any overdue books.  

For example a Year 4 student can borrow up to 4 books.  This includes 2 Lexile books and 2 other books of their choice.  A Year 4 student who has 1 overdue book will only be allowed to borrow 3 books until the overdue book is either returned or paid for( replacement of all lost or damaged books parents will be billed) .  This applies to any overdue books which have been overdue since last year.

Any child who wishes to borrow more often can do so when the library is open at lunchtime.

Also please think about coming to our Friday morning Reading Circle.  All parents, caregivers and children are invited to join the Reading Circle at 8.20am each Friday morning.  Come along and show your child the value you place on reading by enjoying some reading time together.

Mrs Serrano and Mrs McCorry