Welcome to Tuckshop  OLOF                    

Tuckshop opens every Wednesday & Friday​

Tuckshop will be open  1st and 2nd break each Wednesday and Friday.
Separate orders need to be placed for 1st and 2nd break if ordering for both.
To place an order fill out a lunch bag (brown paper bag) using the guide below.
​Students name: ​Year:
​1st/2nd break
​​Example only
​Ham Sandwich ​$3.00
​Chips ​$1.00
​Chocolate Milk ​$1.50
​Total ​$5.50
Orders, with the money in the bag, need to be placed in the basket in each classroom on Wednesday and Friday mornings before school starts. Please include correct money if possible. If change is required it will be put in the lunch bag. Items listed in the top box of the menu “1st Break - must be ordered” must be ordered and are only available at 1st break. Items in the bottom box  “Available 1st and 2nd break” can be ordered or purchased from the Tuckshop. Brown paper bags can be found in packs at supermarkets or will be available from the tuckshop at a cost of 10 cents per bag.