Building Program

ber.jpgSelect the link below to review plans for building projects at Our Lady of Fatima under the government funding for 'Building the Education Revolution':

OLOF Building Update

January 2010

Over the Christmas holidays construction began at OLOF on the new covered area and basketball/netball courts and the new library. Significant progress has occurred and the project is currently running on time. The builders have an obligation to have both the library and covered area fully completed by the end of March. While the construction is occurring (particularly in respect to the library) the tuckshop will remain closed and non operational.

Capital Works and Building Projects

building.jpgWe are in the process of many exciting building projects this year and have received approval for various work projects funded by the government– Building Education Revolution and Block Grants Application (works totalling close to 2 million dollars):

  • Clearing of trees at end of basketball courts – Completed
  • Covered area over waiting area pickup/drop off zone – Completed
  • New fence (pool fence style) along Mortimer road in front of school (160 metres) – Completed
  • Concrete staff car park near admin building – Term 3/4
  • Installation of interactive whiteboards into each classroom (mobile unit in Yr 4/5 and 6/7) – Completed
  • Purchase new laptops/desktops – Ordered
  • Additional joinery in recently refurbished classrooms – Completed
  • Refurbishment of front foyer in office – Completed
  • Refurbishment of Library – early 2010
  • Covered area over basketball courts – early 2010
  • Demolition of existing toilet block and building of new block and refurb of specialist building(awaiting approval)

August 06, 2009: Initial Plans received

We have received the initial plans for the new library and the covered area over the basketball courts. It is expected for both of these projects to be completed prior to Easter 2010. We are very excited about these new building projects. The funding for these are through the federal governments stimulus with “Building an Education Revolution”.

July 16, 2009: New School Fence

As part of the funding from the government through “Building an Education Revolution” one of the projects has been to replace the chainwire fence along Mortimer Road with a more appealing black pool style fence. This will be completed by next week.