​Language of Learning at OLOFLanguage of Learning at OLOF is designed around an airport theme as planes are constantly in our environment and link well to stages of learning.                          5 Questions Poster – This is used regularly in classrooms to help students and teachers know where students are with their learning. Q1 – What are you learning? Students respond with the specific learning for that lesson, also known as learning intentions.Q2 – How are you going? Students can ask themselves the questions on the Language for Learning poster and decide where they are up to with their learning.Through discussion, students can work out what they need as next steps in the learning process.Q3 – How do you know?  Students and teachers give and receive specific feedback on the learning to make improvements.Q4 – How can you improve? – Students and teachers can set goals for the next stage of learning.Q5 – What do you do when you get stuck? – Learning dispositions are behaviours and ways of doing things to help us be good learners. Here at OLOF we believe learners need to have Bravery, Resilience, Persistence, Curiosity, and Communication. The learning dispositions are demonstrated, discussed and encouraged with all students.Assembly awards are linked to the airport theme – Pilot of the week – Students are recognised for using great learning strategies which help them to fly high.  Students who receive a Pilot of the Week will also receive a car sticker to take home.Behaviour chart – Flying High stickers – Each day your students have an opportunity to reach the top of the behaviour chart. In recognition of their good behaviour and learning, students receive a Flying High sticker from the leadership team.Magnets will go home to each family (pop it on the fridge) so that Language of Learning can be used at home as well.