Religious Education Curriculum


Our school is an integral part of the parish community. The school religious education program prepares children for full participation in the life of the parish. The Religious Education Guidelines for the Archdiocese are followed and teachers avail themselves of regular in service opportunities in this area.


 At OLOF, we follow the Vision for Religious Education as identified by Brisbane Catholic Education:


 β€˜The schools and colleges of the Archdiocese of Brisbane aspire to educate and form students who are challenged to live the gospel of Jesus Christ and who are literate in the Catholic and broader Christian tradition so that they might participate critically and authentically in faith contexts and wider society.’


As the Catholic faith is central to our school's aims, Christian values including mutual respect, shared responsibility, encouragement and co-operation, are fostered.


Religious Education Content is in accordance with the Brisbane Catholic Education Curriculum and is taught in all classes.​