Our Staff

​​​​​​​​​​​Our Leadership Team


Mr Damian Gambley: Principal

Mrs Natasha Galvin: A​ssistant Principal - Religious Education / Support Teacher: Inclusive Education

Our Classroom Teachers

 PrepSam Taylor.jpg

Ms Sam Taylor: Prep

Ms Taylor's passion for early years teaching burns as bright today as when she began 30 years ago. She credits her lively enthusiasm to her love of video games and building lego, but it is clear it is her infectious love of teaching and her desire to be continuously at the top of her game that keeps her coming back. When the Preps enter her classroom they are in for a treat of active, playful and engaging activities that not only secure a deep love of learning, but also foster independence, build confidence a​​nd cultivate curiousity.


 1Helen Gilmour.jpg

Ms Helen Gilmour: Year 1

Proficient in Spanish, Ms Gilmour's career has taken her from Victoria to Columbia, before settling back in sunny Brisbane, yet it is in the community of Our Lady of Fatima that she feels she has found her place. With the firm belief that education should not be confined to the classroom, Ms Gilmour's class is often seen enjoying the sunshine or getting their hands dirty in OLOF's community garden.


 2Suzanne Chambers.jpg

Mrs Suzanne Chambers: Year 2

For Mrs Chambers it is seeing the spark of understanding flicker and grow in students that keeps her teaching.  Her class are often engaged in hands on Science experiments or Mathematics games. Mrs Chambers is most passionate though about early literacy and enjoys reading all genres from the classics to modern literature.


 3Bill Green.jpg

Mr Bill Green: Year 3

After coaching his son's Rugby and Cricket teams, Mr Green decided that being a full-time educator was his vocation. A banker in a previous life, Mr Green is here to earnestly make a difference in the lives of the students he teaches. His classroom is full of encouragement, learning challenges and a lot of laughs. At special occasions, you may find Mr Green behind a guitar and microphone, sharing his love for playing and listening to music. 


 4Stephanie Renner.jpg

Miss Stephanie Renner: Year 4

It was Miss Renner's very own experiences in Primary School that gave life to her own love of learning, and now she is proud to be sharing that love with the students at Our Lady of Fatima. Providing an environment where children feel safe, heard and inspired is Miss Renner's number one goal in the Year Four classroom, and the foundation in which all of her lessons are built upon.


 5Sarah Tramacchi.jpg

Miss Sarah Tramacchi: Year 5

Miss Tramacchi has been part of OLOF's growth and journey for over two decades, privileged at times to teach every child of some families. With a talent for art, a knack for technology and a passion for science, the Year 5 classroom is often filled with stimulating hands-on projects. Through these projects Miss Tramacchi aims to not only transfer knowledge, but also foster a deep passion for learning.



Ms Jane Beckwith: Year 6

Ms Beckwith's wealth of experience stems from her previous careers in the New Zealand Defence Force and both primary and high school teaching. Ms Beckwith has life-long commitment, trust and faith in Catholic Christian beliefs, and respect for all. With a passion for fostering self-reliance and a knack for building confidence and ​perseverance, Ms Beckwith sees her students flourish into independent and curious learners. ​

Our Specialist Teachers

​Acting Primary Learning Leader 

​Mrs Caroline Butterfield

​Upper Years Numeracy

Mrs Susan Gambley

​Early Years Support

Mrs Danielle Johnston

Prep Support Teacher &
Community Engagement

​Mrs Kathleen Jenkins

​​English and Additional Languages Support

​​Ms Joanne Connors

​​Music Teacher
​Ms Sonya Settle

​​Teacher Librarian

​Mrs Patricia Serrano

Our Student Support Staff
​​Pastoral Care Worker​​
Richelle Schofield (Mrs S)
Guidance Counsellor
​Lyn Bardsley (Miss Lyn)
​Speech Therapist
​Mrs Jacinta Costello
Occupational Therapist
​Sam Brekalo (Miss Sam)
​Speech and Occuptational Therapy Support
​Bonnie Foss (Miss Bonnie)
​School Officer - Prep
​Mrs Kerri Halpin
School Officer - Year 1
Mrs ​Krystal-lee Beresford
​School Officer - Year 2
​Mrs Maria Vega
​School Officer - Year 3
​Mrs Teneale-Lee Turtle
School Officer - Year 4
​Mrs Joanne Ellerby
School Officer - Year 5 and 6
​Rita Uspe​​nksy (Mrs U)
​​School Officer 
​Melissa Siragusa (Miss Melissa)
​School Officer 
Mrs Aida Mugge
​​Library Aide
​Mrs Clare McCorry

​​​Our Administrative Team and Other Staff

Finance OfficerLarissa Ah Chong (Miss Larrissa)
School Secretary
Mrs Allison ​Hinchy​​
Bonnie Foss (Miss Bonnie)
​​Tuckshop Convenor
​Mrs Jan Govan
​Mr Rino Orazio
Mr Bob Thompkins
​Olga Fengier