Excellence in Learning and Teaching


At Our Lady of Fatima, we pride ourselves on utilising the latest peer-reviewed research to implement the most effective ways of teaching and learning. Our child-centred focus ensures staff knows every child as an individual and the best way to their foster learning.  

​Our Lady of Fatima's approach to learning and teaching was recognised and celebrated, when OLOF was awarded the prestigious Teachers Mutual Bank's Award for School Excellence in Learning and Teaching at the 2019 Brisbane Catholic Eduation Excellence Awards. ​This award is a fitting symbol of OLOF's firm belief that every child can succeed.

All learning is developmental. How children progress through those developmental stages - such as walking, talking, reading, writing and using numbers - and the rate at which we develop, is a very individual matter. While we can predict certain milestones in relation to age, the relationship between age and development is not necessarily the same for all people. So how does Our Lady of Fatima cope with the fact that development can be so different for so many children?

  • Our Curriculum is based on the Australian Curriculum, with particular focus on meeting students at their learning stage and progressing forward 
  • Through extensive standardised testing to unveil the starting point for students, children will have more flexibility to move through developmental learning stages at their own pace; 
  • Learning group arrangements will be responsive to children’s learning needs, teaching styles, and curriculum initiatives 
  • Diversity of arrangements within learning groups may include: 
    • Multi-age philosophy 
    • Whole group teaching 
    • Small group teaching 
    • Special needs grouping 
    • Support for individual learning needs 

Co-operative planning, resource sharing and moderation of outcomes to be promoted in Learning Teams for each developmental stage. 

Students at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School are recognized and praised when achieving their best against the Australian Curriculum with particular emphasis on the areas of: 

  • Religious Education 
  • English 
  • Mathematics 
  • Science
  • ​HASS (History and Social Science)
  • ​Health and Physical Education
  • The Arts (Music) 
  • ​Technology (Digital and Design)

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